WPEO Awards

WPEO Awards bring public recognition to businesses and individuals that have shown an outstanding degree of support for WPEO and serve as an inspiration to others in all spheres of our community.

At the beginning of each calendar year, all WPEO stakeholders are invited via email to apply for these awards. WBEs and Corporate Members may nominate themselves, and all stakeholders may nominate other individuals and businesses.

Good to Know

  • WPEO awards for both NY and DC Regions are presented at the WPEO Annual Awards Breakfast in New York in March of each year
  • WBEs and corporate members cannot receive the same award for two consecutive years
Outstanding Corporation Award

Awarded to one WPEO-NY and one WPEO-DC Corporate Member annually.

The Outstanding Corporation Award recognizes WPEO Corporate Members that have contributed significantly to WPEO’s mission by actively supporting women in business. Working with WPEO-certified WBEs, providing resources and support to the WBE community, participating in events and programs, and developing innovative initiatives for supplier diversity are all ways in which Corporate Members can demonstrate their support. The WPEO Outstanding Corporation Award honors and celebrates their efforts.


WPEO Star Award

Awarded to one WPEO-NY and one WPEO-DC WBE annually.

The WPEO Star Award recognizes outstanding WPEO-certified WBEs that have actively participated in WPEO programs and events, supported other women in business, and developed innovative solutions for doing business with Corporate Members and other WBEs.

As well as being recognized by WPEO within the community, the NY Star and DC Star go on to be recognized nationally as a WBENC Business Star—the nation’s premier award for excellence among WBEs—at WBENC’s annual Summit & Salute to Women’s Business Enterprises.


Outstanding Women’s Business Advocate Award

Awarded to one WPEO NY and WPEO DC WBE or Corporate Member or Community Advocate annually.

The Outstanding Women’s Business Advocate Award recognizes a single individual, representing either a WPEO-certified WBE, WPEO Corporate Member or community advocate who has made an outstanding contribution to WPEO and supported women in business through active involvement and contribution to WPEO. The award is open to WBEs, Corporate Members and community advocates in New York and Washington, D.C.


President’s Award

Awarded to one WPEO-NY and one WPEO-DC outstanding individual annually.

The President’s Award recognizes an individual personally selected by the WPEO President and Executive Director who has made an outstanding contribution to WPEO throughout the year. One is presented for the NY region and one for the DC region.


What Award Winners Receive
  • Recognition at WPEO’s Annual Awards Breakfast, attended by 400+ people
  • Press coverage and recognition in marketing materials surrounding Awards Breakfast events
  • Recognition as award winners in WPEO marketing materials, distributed to over 3,000 people
  • Opportunity to serve on the following year’s Awards Committees
  • Additionally, WPEO Star Award winners take the national stage as Business Stars, recognized at WBENC’s annual Summit & Salute to Women’s Business Enterprises.