WPEO Corporate Members and the public sector often find ideal vendors and suppliers among our certified WBEs, and WBEs often do business with other WBEs.

Our Done Deals™ initiative was created to recognize, publicize and celebrate these successes – and to inspire future Done Deals™!

Good to Know

  • To qualify as a Done Deal™, only the contracts need to be signed during the challenge period. The final goods or services may be delivered at a later date.
  • The cutoff time to submit your Done Deals™ is dependent on the date of the Annual Breakthrough Breakfast. WBEs and Corporate Members will be notified of the deadline via email prior to the cutoff date. The deals will still be considered, provided they are submitted before the cutoff date and signed during the challenge period.
  • Otherwise they will be eligible for the next challenge period.
How Done Deals™ Work

All business contracts involving WBEs and WOSBs are applauded. When they fit one of the following scenarios, they are also recognized as Done Deals™:

  • A WPEO-certified WBE signs a contract with a WPEO Corporate Member
  • A contract is signed between two WPEO-certified WBEs, both of which are certified by WPEO-NY or WPEO-DC
  • A contract is signed between a WPEO-certified WBE and a public sector agency in New York City, New York State, the State of New Jersey or Commonwealth of Virginia (as a result of letters of agreement)

Purchase orders and letters of agreement can be considered a form of contract. However, individual transactions and subscriptions will not be considered a form of contract.

Submit a Done Deal™


Why Done Deals™?


Providing more business opportunities for women-owned businesses is integral to WPEO’s mission; therefore we consider business deals that come about through affiliation with our organization worthy of recognition. Certified WBEs, Corporate Members and public sector participants are eligible for awards based on Done Deals™ submitted during challenge periods

Communication & Inspiration

We encourage WPEO Corporate Members, governments, certified WBEs and WOSBs to do business together – and to let us know about it. A business deal is only recognized as a Done Deal™ if it meets the criteria and is reported. Doing so serves to inform all constituents about the successful contracting and business opportunities that result from being a certified WBE, WOSB or WPEO Corporate Member.

Measuring WPEO Impact

Our Done Deals™ program, in addition to publicly recognizing the successes of WBEs and Corporate Members, enables us to measure the impact our organization has, in bottom-line terms, on increasing business opportunities and contracting activity between WBEs and WBEs, WBEs and WPEO Corporate Members, and WOSBs and government agencies.

Done Deal™ Successes

The Done Deals™ Challenge Is On!

The current challenge period is April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.