10/03/16: WPEO Guest Blog: How I went from WPEO "fan" to all out "enthusiast!"


By Tai Aguirre

I am not a woman business owner. I am one male employee working for one great woman-owned company.

Realizing your dream of business ownership is no small feat. As 90% of those reading this blog can attest, regardless of your gender, you will face a lot of challenges. Capitalization, reaching your customers, branding, competing with the Goliaths, these are some of the minefields that may determine if your enterprise grows or folds.

The stats for failure are daunting.  I hope my experiences will offer you some helpful tips and insights on your road to success.

The economic impact of women-owned businesses account for about $3 trillion, creating and maintaining over 23 million jobs. That’s 16 percent of total U.S. jobs. These jobs sustain the individual worker, contribute to the economic security of their families and the economic vitality of their communities and the nation.

Discovering WBENC (Women Business Enterprise National Council) and the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization (WPEO), the regional partner organization that provides certification in the Northeast, helped to lift our company ship and continues to keep it sailing ahead. Moving and growing with WPEO can help you get successfully to shore, too.

Under the leadership of Dr. Marsha Firestone, (Founder and President) WPEO provides us with access to business opportunities, education, recognition, community, and much more.

Executive Director Keisha Blake, and her team have always been there for us.

Special note of thanks to Leandra Joseph, Assistant to Dr. Marsha Firestone, who
helped me through my first gigantic one-on-one interview with a very large buyer. It was a busy event. Right before I went into this interview, you caught the panic on my face. Thank you for that reassuring hug. I shone that afternoon!

*WPEO would like to thank Tai Aguirre of Divvy Engagement Solutions for providing this blog post. 

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