Group of women speaking onstage at 2022 WBENC National Conference
Group of women speaking onstage at 2022 WBENC National Conference

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WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV offers a broad spectrum of programs and events tailored to our certified WBEs, Corporate Members, and local network, providing multiple opportunities to receive timely Content, build Community and make valuable Connections. 

We understand that having access to expert content is critical to business survival and success. And we know content becomes empowering when it's effectively used and shared within our community. It is our aim to foster a community where women inspire and uplift each other, because when women thrive, the local community thrives, too.

Expanding our network means creating and nurturing fresh partnerships, further amplifying the worth and impact of women-owned businesses.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development programs are offered throughout the year to support the needs of women-owned businesses in the WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV network. Whether single session or multi-day, virtual, in-person, or hybrid, a hallmark of our programs is the inclusion of peer-to-peer engagement and coaching/mentorship opportunities.  

Join us and engage, share insights, and build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.  

Sustainability Accelerator

Sustainability is a major focus for corporate partners. More than 95% of S&P 500 companies issued a sustainability report in 2021.   

Join Sustainability Accelerator to discover the competitive edge that wins business with corporate and government clients. And gain the tools you need for long-term success and resilience in a rapidly changing business environment.  

SAGE Advice

SAGE Advice was established to develop and enable small business owners to grow. It is intended for Certified WBEs who are seeking guidance, support, and community from a network of likeminded WBEs and business experts from diverse backgrounds. 

Join SAGE Advice to dive deep into your business goals, and gain strategies, tools, and resources (and accountability) to achieve them.  


Amplify Mastermind is uniquely designed to engage and support Women of Color in maximizing their supplier diversity access so they can scale their business.  

Join Amplify Mastermind if you identify as a Women of Color-Owned business and are experiencing barriers related to the racial equity gap, and are seeking support, peer accountability, and a community.   


SCALEit is an opportunity for WBEs to grow, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and receive guidance on the path to building a team-managed company using the SCALEit Method®. 

Join SCALEit to learn how to develop a customized marketing plan to drive consistent leads – and a sales system to convert those leads into customers.

One Page Business Plan

In One Page Business Plan, participants will dive deep into their business to create a roadmap for growth and profit.   

Join One Page Business Plan to create a roadmap that is user-friendly, strategic, and tactical so that you stay focused on (and easily communicate to others) the most important aspects of your business. 

Signature Programs

Our signature programs are an opportunity for the WBEC Metro NY and Greater DMV community to come together to network, share best practices, find solutions for challenges, recognize each other’s success, and celebrate their impact on the local ecosystem.  

C-Suite Conversations

C-Suite Conversations is an in-person program facilitated by our CEO and is about fostering community, promoting dialogue, and strengthening connections across our network. Throughout the year, WBEs from each territory within each RPO will have an opportunity to gain access to right-on-time information that can help fuel their business growth. By bridging the gap between leadership and our valued WBEs, we aim to create an environment of shared knowledge, mutual understanding, and sustained success.

Pitch Competition

The WBENC Pitch competition is more than just a one-time event; it's a unique opportunity for our WBEs to learn directly from advisors, partners, previous finalists, and even past Pitch winners, on how to best present themselves and their businesses effectively. Participating in Pitch can open up a world of opportunities, including the chance to compete at a national level. It's a platform for growth, networking, and gaining exposure, making it an invaluable experience for every WBE. 

Corporate Roundtable

Participation in our Corporate Roundtable is by corporate-member invite only. Held once a year, this program provides an opportunity for our corporate partners to come together for a mastermind to discuss best practices and provide feedback, advisement, and innovative approaches on ways in which we can maximize WBE success and Corporate Member engagement.

Virtual Mega Matchmaker

Our Virtual Mega Matchmaker brings together WBEs and procurement professionals from our corporate and alliance partners to build connections and foster meaningful, strategic relationships. Over two days, utilizing an exclusive online platform, WBEs can take advantage of valuable one-on-one meetings with buyers, corporate representatives, and prime contractors to ask questions and learn about unique opportunities to expand their businesses. At the same time, procurement professionals can easily and quickly source products and services to fill gaps in their corporate supply chains. 

Lunch with the Experts

Lunch with The Experts is a virtual program that invites Corporate Members or specialists in a particular field to deliver an engaging presentation for WBEs. Scheduled over a lunch hour, it offers WBEs a break from their regular business operations to learn about sourcing/procurement processes, understand supplier diversity programs, gain valuable insights into corporate engagement, or acquire timely knowledge in a specific area.